New cinema / new talents tuo Caisaan syksyllä neljä elokuvaa uusilta elokuvantekijöiltä

New cinema/new talents -sarja esittelee uusien elokuvantekijöiden tuotantoa, ensimmäisiä tai toisia ohjauksia, rajoja kokeilevia ja näkemyksiltään konventionaalisuuden ylittäviä teoksia.

TWO FRIDAS (Director & Script: Ishtar Yasin, Original title: Dos Fridas, Costa Rica/México, 2018, 92’)

Syksyllä nähdään neljä elokuvaa: M (ohj. Anna Eriksson), The wild boys (ohj. Bertrand Mandico), Two Fridas (ohj. Ishtar Yasin) ja Letters to Paul Morrissey (ohj. Armand Rovira).

Näytösten yhteydessä kuullaan taustoittavia puheenvuoroja ja yleisöllä on mahdollisuus osallistua keskusteluun.

Liput alk. 7 €/elokuva, 20 €/sarjalippu, Lippupiste
Tuotanto: New cinema / new talents ja Caisa

(Director & Script: Anna Eriksson, Finland, 2018, 94’, K18, Language: English, Subtitles: Finnish)
Director’s first feature film // Anna Eriksson will present and host the Q&A
3.9. klo 18, kesto 94 min.

M is a work of art that explores the relationship between sexuality and death. These two appear to be opposite forces, but in fact they merge in all of us, disguising the fear of death or the desire to die, the world of Eros and Thanatos. In M the character of Marilyn Monroe should be seen as a symbol of this interpenetration. The actress´s death is as famous as her sexuality and thus sets a perfect example of how the ancient bond between sex and death is being forever mystified and exploited by the popular culture. M attempts to explore this phenomenon in a much more personal level.

* * * * *

(Director & Script: Bertrand Mandico, Original title: Les Garçons Sauvages, France, 2017, 100’, K18, Language: French, Subtitles: English)
Director’s first feature film
1.10. klo 18, kesto 100 min.

At the beginning of the 20th century on the island of La Réunion, five adolescents of good family, enamoured with the occult, commit a savage crime. A Dutch Captain takes them in charge for a repressive cruise on a haunted, dilapidated sailboat. Exhausted by the methods of the Captain, the five boys prepare to mutiny. Their port of call is a supernatural island with luxuriant vegetation and bewitching powers. The Wild Boys is first and foremost a cruel and immoral tale that speaks of the violent and sexual impulses of a group of young men intoxicated by their darkest desires.

* * * * *

(Director & Script: Ishtar Yasin, Original title: Dos Fridas, Costa Rica/México, 2018, 92’, K12, Language: Spanish, Subtitles: English)
Director’s first feature film // Finnish Première
5.11. klo 18, kesto 92 min.

Dos Fridas is inspired by the relationship between Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and her Costa Rican nurse Judith Ferreto – Judith cared for Frida during the final years of her life. In her memories, Frida was cared for by Judith in her Blue house in México. As a mirror, Judith was cared for by a woman in Costa Rica. In Judith’s inner world, reveries, myths, imagination and reality intertwine.

* * * * *

(Director: Armand Rovira, Script: Armand Rovira & Saida Benzal, Spain, 2018, 78’, K12 Languag-es: Japanese, English, German, Spanish, Subtitles: English)
Director’s first feature film // Finnish Première
3.12. klo 18, kesto 78 min.

Drugs, vampirism, existential crises and melodies of another time mark the lives of several charac-ters: a sex symbol of the underground cinema, two cursed lovers, a man seeking his salvation, an unsuccesful actress and a Japanese with a mysterious illness. Five stories, apparently not related to each other, that have curious relationship with each other: Paul Morrisey, collaborator of Andy Warhol’s Factory.